• Randall Calvert
    Randall Calvert CX | MTB | Road | Tri

    Hometown: Ellicott City, MD

    Current Residence: Glen MIlls, PA

    Why I race: I enjoy training and for me the races are the icing on the cake.

    Memorable Cycling Moment: Racing Ironman St. George in 2012 with wind gusts up to 40 mph.

    Likes: Group rides with the West Chester Cycling Club and having a few beers with my family and friends.

    Dislikes: Rainy Saturday mornings.

  • Dan Ciabattoni
    Dan Ciabattoni CX | Road

    Hometown: Wyomissing, PA

    Current Residence: Philadelphia, PA

    Why I race: To get the blood pumping. Knowing that each race is different and presents its own set of challenges. Anything can happen and you have to be ready to react. Bunch sprints are such raw moments that show who’s got what when it counts. Trying to be in that position at the end is the tricky part.

    Memorable Cycling Moment: App Gap, Vermont – Contemplating climbing down a small ravine to fill my bottles that had long been dry. Finally, thinking I had reached the summit, I took one last turn only to realize the last 400m was going to be the worst part.

    Likes: Buttered noodles, Wawa, David Bowie and sweatshorts.

    Dislikes: Traffic, dirty dishes, and thousand leggers.

  • Eric Ciabattoni
    Eric Ciabattoni CX | Road

    Hometown: Wyomissing, PA

    Current Residence: Philadelphia, PA

    Why I race: I race to lay it all out for that one race when everything comes together. There are so many variables on race day.  When you do your part to stay physically fit, mentally sharp, and maybe a little sneaky with a side of luck…you might just find yourself on the podium with your teammates a cold beer waiting for you back at the car.

    Memorable Cycling Moment: One of my favorite memories was helping my college roommate tackle his first century, the MS: City to Shore charity ride. His father has been battling multiple sclerosis for years and was unaware of his son’s participation in the ride. Watching my friend hug his father at the finish line was amazing, as was the food his mother had waiting for us afterwards.

    Likes: River roads, tacos, green lights, cold beer, gravel, Led Zeppelin.

    Dislikes: Alarm clocks, rainy weekends, Tuesdays.

  • Shea Devine
    Shea Devine CX | Road

    Hometown: Tucson, AZ

    Current Residence: Philadelphia, PA

    Why I race: I love how bike racing is a mixture of physical strength, mental toughness, and strategy. I once read something that described racing perfectly; it is a “combination of a marathon, a chess game, and a waltz, culminating in a knife fight.”

    Memorable Cycling Moment: Looking at my heart rate data after riding 75 miles with a bunch of P1/2 guys in Boulder, Co. I spent six seconds in zone 1, two hours in zone 4, and an hour and a half in zone 5. The bonk was strong that day.

    Likes: Burritos, coffee, climbing.

    Dislikes: Flat tires, flat races, flat beer.

  • Maria Dziembowska
    Maria Dziembowska CX | MTB | Road

    Hometown: Warsaw, Poland

    Current Residence: Wilmington, DE

    Why I race: To challenge myself physically and psychologically and to meet people who share my passion for being outdoors, healthy and fit.

    Memorable Cycling Moment: Climbing to the top of Mount Mansfield and across Smugglers Notch in Vermont on my first road bike, an aluminum 650c wheel Trek. Epic climb!

    Likes: Dark chocolate, sweet potato fries, my mountain bike.

    Dislikes: Sunday evenings after a great weekend.

  • Brian Garner
    Brian Garner Road

    Hometown: Boyertown, PA

    Current Residence: Paoli, PA

    Why I race: I race to challenge myself and push my limits physically and mentally. Every ride is a chance to learn something new about myself.

    Memorable Cycling Moment: Colnago Gran Fondo Philadelphia 2011- riding through the remnants of a tropical storm for 75 miles. Miserable and a blast at the same time.

    Likes: Family time, cooking, coffee, and hockey.

    Dislikes: Aggressive motorists and dirty chains.

  • Hector Hernandez
    Hector Hernandez CX | MTB | Road

    Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

    Current Residence: Wallingford PA

    Why I race: Because I like to compete and I appreciate the process and science behind the training that prepares you for competition. I also like the tactical and strategic aspects of racing. I like knowing that the strongest rider does not always win.

    Memorable Cycling Moment: Garret County Grand Fondo Diabolical Double. Pinecone, first road race.

    Likes: Long rides with friends. Quality time with family. Good beer.

    Dislikes: When I’m not able to ride outdoors. Traffic and ill mannered motorist.

  • Bruce Hotaling
    Bruce Hotaling CX | Road

    Hometown: Mt Kisco, NY

    Current Residence: Wayne, PA

    Why I race: Challenge of a faster lap, a better result.

    Memorable Cycling Moment: Racing with the Whalens and Sleepy Hollow.

    Likes: Long rides with great coffee stops.

    Dislikes: When people forget what’s important about being on the bike.

  • Ted Jones
    Ted Jones CX | MTB | Road | Tri

    Hometown: Huntingdon Valley, PA

    Current Residence: Media, PA

    Why I race: I really don’t know, other than it’s really fun!  Something drives me inside to go as fast as I can and see the results.

    Memorable Cycling Moment: There are many, but going to the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in 2012 is up there.

    Likes: Beer, food (almost any kind), riding pretty much any bike, juggling.

    Dislikes: Traffic, crashing on the bike, whining.

  • Steve Karaszkiewicz
    Steve Karaszkiewicz CX | Road

    Hometown: Hartford, CT

    Current Residence: West Chester, PA

    Why I race: At the sound of the gun, all your nerves turn to adrenaline.  That adrenaline rush gives me focus, and it allows for me to be fully immersed in a race.  There’s no better feeling in cycling!

    Memorable Cycling Moment: Winning the Cat 4/5 Mount Joy Road Race in 2015.  I was in utter disbelief when there weren’t anymore racers to pass right before crossing the line.

    Likes: Exploring new areas on my bike, playing sax and bass guitar, hiking, and Mexican food.

    Dislikes: Left lane drivers, crossing wheels, and mayonnaise.

  • John Knisely
    John Knisely CX | Road

    Hometown: State College, PA

    Current Residence: Media, PA

    Why I race: I love to compete and push my body and mind to higher levels.

    Memorable Cycling Moment: Crushing it up Hurricane Ridge on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington on a beautiful sunny day with friends.

    Likes: 100+ mile rides, Strava, fast crits, flying, food, being outdoors.

    Dislikes: Driving places to ride a bike, unshaven legs.

  • Scott Kraft
    Scott Kraft Road

    Hometown: Walnut, CA

    Current Residence: Philadelphia, PA

    Why I race: I like the hard work and dedication it takes to see where my fitness level stacks up against my peers

    Memorable Cycling Moment: Completing the WH McIntyre Century with the lead group.

    Likes: Double pace lines.

    Dislikes: Headwinds and days without coffee.

  • David Lamb
    David Lamb Road

    Hometown: Media, PA

    Current Residence: Media, PA

    Why I race: It’s honest feedback. Over time, the results reflect how much I’ve put in compared to other motivated people. It’s about persistence, cumulative effort, pushing through personal barriers, and not giving in to the parts of the self that want to quit. It forces us to either dig deep, or go home and face up to not investing enough. So it’s great motivation to get really fit, and it’s pretty good psychotherapy too.

    Memorable Cycling Moment: Crossing the finish line at the Garrett County Gran Fondo. Savage Century; feeling brutalized and deeply satisfied at the same time.

    Likes: Nature, especially mountains and sunny beaches, thunderstorms, food & cooking (and yes, Mexican!), sailing, sleeping, kittens.

    Dislikes: Destruction of nature, humans.

  • Alex LePage
    Alex LePage CX | Road

    Hometown: Wyomissing, PA

    Current Residence: Berwyn, PA

    Why I race: Committed to an active lifestyle for its many benefits, I enjoy racing for the structure, challenges, feedback, and community.  They keep me rolling along.

    Memorable Cycling Moment: Tour of the Battenkill – all of them.

    Likes: Family, Food & Wine, the Outdoors – especially when viewed from the saddle.

    Dislikes: Suffering (the non-bike kind).

  • Dan Lichtenberger
    Dan Lichtenberger CX | MTB | Road

    Hometown: Boiling Springs, PA

    Current Residence: Wilmington, DE

    Why I race: For that moment at the end of a race, when everything moves in slow motion, and the race is decided.  Get’s  my heart pumping just thinking about it.

    Memorable Cycling Moment: The day in 2013 when I decided to get back on the bike after 7 years off.  Everything hurt.  60 lbs later it still hurts, but in a good way.

    Likes: Cold beer, especially after long summer rides while hanging out in the back yard with the family.

    Dislikes: Rain on the weekend and when the coffee runs out.

  • Frank Lukens
    Frank Lukens CX | Road | Tri

    Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

    Current Residence: Media, PA

    Why I race: To challenge myself.  Placing or winning is nice but, as long as I am improving is why I do what I do.  And, also, because Monika told me to.

    Memorable Cycling Moment: Being on my first Monday night WCCC ride, which was beyond my capabilities at the time, and hanging on for dear life as we flew home the last 8 miles or so.

    Likes: Monika, my hand-me-down Cervelo R3, MTB riding, Cyclocross riding on my MTB, my ST1300 motorcycle, MC camping trips.

    Dislikes: Potholes.

  • Monika Lukens
    Monika Lukens CX | Road | Tri

    Hometown: Brantford, Ontario, Canada

    Current Residence: Media, PA

    Why I race: It is a goal to focus on, a challenge to push myself.

    Memorable Cycling Moment: In my 20’s I was on a sponsored ride (60+ miles), we came to a rest stop and I talked to a retired couple who where also doing the ride. This was an “ah-hah moment” for me. I realized I could ride bikes even when I was old, that was an awesome realization after coming off of a running injury.

    Likes: Warm sunny days, chocolate, my cat and Frank.

    Dislikes: Snowy days when I can’t ski, cold days and wet days.

  • Phil Lu0ng
    Phil Lu0ng CX | Road

    Hometown: Saigon, VN

    Current Residence: Edgemont, PA

    Why I race: It just plain fun to race CX, a great way to stay in shape during the off-season.

    Memorable Cycling Moment: Completed my first “Pedaling4Paws” endurance ride in 2013.

    Likes: Long rides with friends, short rides with family. French press coffee every morning!

    Dislikes: Being called a “Pirate”.

  • Greg MacCarty
    Greg MacCarty CX | MTB | Road

    Hometown: Parkesburg, PA

    Current Residence: Parkesburg, PA

    Why I race: I like the intensity.  Racing allows me to see how far I can push myself.

    Memorable Cycling Moment: My first race … I was so nervous I almost missed the start.

    Likes: Strava, skinsuits, and guacamole.

    Dislikes: Rain.

  • Sean McLaughlin
    Sean McLaughlin CX | MTB | Road

    Hometown: Stow, MA

    Current Residence: West Chester, PA

    Why I race: To measure whether all the time I spend training has paid off.

    Memorable Cycling Moment: Racing the Fitchburg Longsjo Classic.

    Likes: Time with my family, Mexican food, listening to music, and a clean bike.

    Dislikes: Traffic.

  • Jayme Morris
    Jayme Morris CX | MTB

    Hometown: Buckingham, PA

    Current Residence: West Mount Airy, PA

    Why I race: I’ve been competitive since the womb. I like having a goal to try and meet and love passing in the corners.

    Memorable Cycling Moment: Descents while cycling in Spain.

    Likes: Ice cream, coffee, hockey, beer, cross country skiing, and sleeping in sometimes.

    Dislikes: Rainy, gloomy days.

  • Kelly O’Brien
    Kelly O’Brien Road | Tri

    Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

    Current Residence: Chesterbrook, PA

    Why I race: I use racing as the ultimate goal-setting activity; to train and push myself to new levels of fitness and performance.

    Memorable Cycling Moment: Dealing with two mechanicals on my first half Ironman bike course and still hitting my over all race goal time.

    Likes: Riding my bikes, home renovation projects, home-roasting and expanding my world with new activities, knowledge and people.

    Dislikes: Cheap coffee and big egos.

  • Tom Peacock
    Tom Peacock Road

    Hometown: Wheaton, IL

    Current Residence: Media, PA

    Why I race: To improve my skills, get faster, work with a team toward a common purpose, and see how I stack up against other racers.

    Memorable Cycling Moment: Garrett County Savage Century — 102 miles, 12,700 feet of climbing, on a rainy day, in a downpour between miles 80 and 95, with a 2-mile climb at the end.

    Likes: The feeling of flow in a paceline where bikes and riders become one bio-mechanical organism, enthusiasm, original thinkers, Margaritas (up in a Martini glass), Led Zeppelin and Neil Young, chocolate chip cookies.

    Dislikes: Drivers who pass too close, cynicism.

  • Diane Sagnella
    Diane Sagnella Road

    Hometown: West Chester, PA

    Current Residence: West Chester, PA

    Why I race: I haven’t really raced much yet, but I can say I want to be stronger, I want to learn.

    Memorable Cycling Moment: When on a hilly 70 mile ride and I, the only female, was first on every climb. So all the guys granted me a virtual Polka Dot-jersey. Admittedly it wasn’t an A ride, but still…

    Likes: Riding!  I love it when I’m feeling good, I am focused while my legs burn but they don’t hurt and my breathing is hard but controlled.

    Dislikes: Aggressive motorists.

  • Nathan Tressler
    Nathan Tressler CX | Road

    Hometown: Mill Run, PA

    Current Residence: West Chester, PA

    Why I race: For the endorphins.

    Memorable Cycling Moment: Cycling on Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park. The views were incredible and the descents seemed like they lasted for hours.

    Likes: Long climbs, hockey, running, and pierogies.

    Dislikes: Swimming, country music, and cucumbers.

  • Justin Wheeler
    Justin Wheeler Road

    Hometown: Naples, FL

    Current Residence: Wynnewood, PA

    Why I race: There’s a part of me that only finds expression in racing – in the hyperfocus, the need to make quick decisions, the interplay of preparation and chance, the ease of motion when it goes right.

    Memorable Cycling Moment: Losing my car key on the hairpin turn at the 2017 Bear Mountain Classic and trying not to go hypothermic in the cold rain while waiting for it to make its way back to me. Thanks, officials!

    Likes: Sleep, sushi, being with my wife, kids and dogs.

    Dislikes: Squats. Cocktail parties.

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